Group Members:
Alexandra Boychyn
Shane Burgess
Philip Keefner
Jessamyn Medler

Project Description

Small Love is about a foreigner in a strange land, who gets literally carried away by a crowd into a whole new world, and new adventure. It may be a blue world, but even red ants deserve love!
For a more in-depth description of the project, please see the storyboard.

Project Milestones

Milestone Deadline Status
Models Finished February 25th completed
Storyboard Finalized February 11th completed
Sample Frames February 11th completed
Sample Animations February 11th completed
Scene Layout March 4th completed
Models Detailed (textures, etc) March 4th completed
Full Scene Animation March 18th completed
Motion Done March 18th completed
Shading Done April 1st completed
Lighting Done April 1st completed
Rendering Done April 8 completed
Editing Done April 13th in progress

Based on sample scene rendering (as of March 18), at 20-30 minutes to render ~5 seconds of animation, estimated rendering time is 6 hours per 1 full minute of animation.